Daytona Tuxedos

Many used cummerbunds for sale for $5 

May find matching bow tie for $5.

We have adult and boy's sizes available.

Buy them new for $20, so you save a bunch buying

them used, but in good condition.

White Tone on Tone   $100

Coat and pants

Size 52r coat, size 42-44 pants

After Six Nuvo 2 BN

Ivory   Coat   $30

Sizes  41x


$5.00 Short & long Sleeve White Dress Shirts

Many sizes

Spectra   $50

white pants $10

Sizes 40L, 41r, 42r (1 size is sold)

Shawl lapel - James Bond Tuxedo

White   Dinner Jacket   $75

Used - limited sizes  new $125

Tuxedo pants for women

Sizes available 4, 8, & 20 reg pleats $10

All sizes regular and low rise pants

$30 including tax and alterations

1 button Shawl

white dinner jacket

"James Bond" look

1 button   $75

Many sizes

Perry Ellis   1 B. Notch

White   Coat   $30

 White Pants $10

Sizes 35s,36s,38L,40r,41L,

42L, 44L, 46s, 46r,

$10.00 Gray long sleeve dress shirt

Sizes 16-37, 17-37, 2x-37, 3x-31, 4x-33

Slim fit and regular fir in other sizes

Shawl 2 button   $50

coat shown is a 1 button

Sizes 12, 37L, 39s, 42L

Jean Yves   Mirage

White   Coat   $100

Used - Most sizes available

$2 Black Shirts - used

After Six Roma   2 BN

Ivory   Coat   $75

Sizes     6,8,16,36s,39R,41R,


Jean Yves     48R

After Six Zoot tux Black Peak Duster

used coat sizes

36r, 40s, 40r, 42r, 44xl, 46x, 48L, 50s, 50L, 54r

Used Coat & pants $100

Very limited sizes new $160

Calvin Klein Super 100's

Coat & Pants $125 used

Sizes 36R, 37R,38S, 38R, 39R, 40R, 40L,

41R, 42S, 42R, 42L, 43R, 44S, 44R, 44L,

46R, 46L, 48R, 50L, 52L

2 Button Notch

Ivory   Coat   $30

Sizes     34s

no matching pants

Perry Ellis America Ivory Groove Three Button Notch

$10 used coat sale

Single Breasted Notch
32" Length Coat
Self Lapel withDouble Satin Striping
and Pick Stich Detailing
Self Top Collar
Satin Besom Pockets
Three Button Front
Perry Ellis America #09730

Perry Ellis

Black 4 button

Notch edge lapel

4-16, 36s, 38s, 39s, 40r, 40L, 41L,

42xL, 43L, 48r, 48L, 54L, 58L

Andrew Fezza Jupiter

White   Coat   $30

Sizes 36r,40r,41L,42x,44r,44L46L



The "Verdi" in black
by Fumagalli

$30 - limited sizes available



like the tux
fit, price, selection, or service, cancel them and see John.
17) Serving Daytona Beach area over 24 years.
18) We own our own merchandise and don't pay high rent, so we can be more flexible
than our
competitors on price and service.
Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. Don't risk it being messed
up renting
over-priced tuxedos that don't fit properly.
Call 386-322-6868

Perry Ellis America Groove $30

Black 3 button notch

MANY SIZES 38 - 60 long

Boys sizes coats with matching pants

Shawl Lapel   1 BS

Black  Coat   $30

Many sizes available

3 button notch

$30 - limited sizes 




Perry Ellis America Groove

Ivory 3 button notch coat