Daytona Tuxedos

In Stock Rental Styles

These styles available as low as $59 rental plus tax. These are the styles available for Same Day Service at Daytona Tuxedos. Includes traditional coat, pleated pant, regular tux shirt, studs, cuffs, tie, but vest, & shoes are additional charges. Same Day Service, tailoring, and slim fit are additional charges. Go to Accessories to see many vest and tie colors available in stock. Our 2 Button Notch comes in Ultra Slim Fit, Fitted, Slim fit, Moderate Fit, or Traditional Fit in wool, Super 120's, & Super 150's.


BEST RENTAL 2 button

Euro Slim, Slim, Moderate

& Traditional fit Tuxedo

2 Button Peak

Cowboy look

After Six

1 Button Notch


James Bond

1 button shawl


Black Tail Coat

Pianist's Favorite

After Six

Matrix II

Oscar De La Renta

Contour I

White Slim Fit & Reg

2 Button Notch


Jean Yves

White Mirage


2 Button Notch

Ivory Nuvo III

Calvin Klein

Super 100s Radnor


Jean Yves

Black Mirage

Black Suit

wool 2 button

Traditional & Slim Fit

Perry Ellis Groove


Perry Ellis Groove