Daytona Tuxedos


GOOGLE the company name and add the word "complaints" OR "reviews" and do a search.

Did you know it is very difficult to keep a complaint on many web sites because BIG companies pay to have them removed or the company can dispute them and you can read the company's point of view too.

1) Web sites based in foreign countries don't have to abide by U.S. laws.

These web sites can be militant groups and people that want to cause you harm so lots of times you get NOTHING. Many MANY brides are shopping here the week of their wedding for dresses and other items because they ordered them from foreign web sites and got NOTHING.

JJ's House tells Daytona brides that they have a shop in Jacksonville if you don't like the dress, take it there and swap it out. There is no ANNY's BRIDAL in Jacksonville, Florida, so many brides drive there to waste 4 hours driving time.

2) They want you to pay with a PREPAID CARD.

3) Any web site that copies pictures.

4) Any web site that has unbelievable low prices.
5) In Terms & Conditions on their web site:
   a) Dress looks 85% like the photo - usually looks nothing like it.
   b) The longer you allow us, the better quality dress you get.
   c) If they are not responsible or liable... for any errors they make
   d) To assure the correct color, pay $10 and wait 30 days for a swatch.
   e) The word WHOLESALE is used to trick you.

6) When they have many good reviews, but no reviews over 1 year old.
Auction sites have become a haven for these crooks. If the auction site gets too
many complaints, they ban the crooks from their auction site. What happens? The
crooks open a new company with a new name on the auction site.
Using a credit card does not help. People wait months and still nothing but grief.
What kind of "dresses" do you get? "How bad can it be?", as some brides asked.
       a) The dress is badly made - uneven hem, fabric sewn bunched up, defective fabric,wrong colors
       b) dresses not sewn together, not lined, no boning, or glued
       c) you get a piece of chiffon material to cut your pattern, nothing else.
       d) you get NOTHING or it arrives 2 years later
You may NOT REALIZE these companies cannot obtain contracts to make dresses for
legitimate companies because of poor quality, poor workmanship, poor working
conditions, sweat shops, or many other reasons, so they prey on gullible people and
they know brides and bridesmaids don't want to spend $150 on a dress, so it's easy
money. Why does it hurt local businesses? You find out you've been scammed too late
to order from a legit company. What can you do? Avoid web sites described above,
deal with reputable companies based in the US. Deal with a local store where you can
touch, feel, and meet the people with whom you are doing business.